Photo Diary Day 2: Food in Seattle, Wa.

The second Photo Diary is here!

It’s pretty exciting, I must say, because this one is all about the wonderful food that Seattle has to offer. Below are all the places I’ve visited followed by a brief review:

Kickin’ Boots Whiskey Kitchen (Seattle, Wa.)- This place was pretty much hipster meets country. Your typical loud saloon atmosphere. The food was filling and delicious, I had a pulled pork sandwich with french fries. Our server was pretty nice for the most part, towards the end she forgot to give us our bill so we waited a little bit longer then we wished we had to. Overall, the location of this restaurant is very charming and an incredibly fun part of downtown.

The Five Spot (Queen Anne, Wa.)- This was the second time I had visited this little gem. It’s located in one of my favorite places in Washington, Queen Anne. The atmosphere of the restaurant is a jazzy New Orleans theme. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t as great as I remembered and our waitress wasn’t too friendly.

Bakery Nouveau (Seattle, Wa.)- I. Loved. This. Place. I love anything French or Parisian, so this was a dream for me since I didn’t get a chance to eat at many of the French Cafes Seattle has to offer. The staff was friendly and helpful. All of their pastries, deserts, breads, etc. were so dreamy and, I’ll say it, beautiful. If any of you have visited France or Paris, you know that they take their food very seriously. It’s pretty much an art.

Next Door Gastropub (Port Angeles, Wa.) – There was a little bit of a wait to be seated here, and I’m not sure if it was entirely worth it. The atmosphere was crowded and noisy, not very pleasant. We had about three different servers waiting on us which is one of my pet peeves, because then I’m not sure who I’m supposed to tip if I wanted to tip at all after that.

Indigo Kitchen and Alehouse (Lynnwood, Wa.)- Strict 21 and over only rule. Typical bar atmosphere/food. I had some chicken tacos that were loaded with bell peppers. The waitress was very friendly and waited on us in a timely matter.

Paseo Caribbean Sandwiches (Seattle, Wa.)- The reason there’s no pictures of the food for this place is because I ate it in about five minutes or less. Amazing sandwiches here! Very small inside seating, very little outside eating. It gets crowded fast so expect to wait a little but these messy, finger-licking good sandwiches are worth the wait, must try.

Easy Street Cafe (Seattle, Wa.)- A record shop and cafe combined, this place is filled to the brim with charm. Everyone was so friendly here, the servers and record shop staff. Each food item on the menu is a music pun. As for the record shop? Everything is cheap, I mean ridiculously cheap so you’ll definitely be able to stock up on some good cds, dvds, and records.

Italianissimo Ristorante (Woodinville, Wa.)- I’m a sucker for a good plate of fettuccine Alfredo and man did this place deliver. It’s not incredibly fancy, but I definitely wouldn’t wear jeans. They have a no cell phone rule and that creates a very relaxing dining experience. Our waitress was very friendly. I ordered some sort of peach martini-oh my god this one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. I would definitely visit this place again.

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