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Memories Are Made of This by Deana Martin

As many of you know, or are about to know, I love Dean Martin. Absolutely such a huge fan of his. Not only do I love his music and voice, but ultimately his charm and presence that captivated the world. 

A little while ago, I read this memoir written by Dean’s daughter, Deana. I had sung a tribute to him two years ago and posted on June 7th, his birthday. I sent the video to Deana, and I later saw that she had left me a voicemail about how much she loved it. I was blown away and my head was up in the clouds. 

When I had found this book at a hole in the wall book shop for $3 I knew I had to read it as I felt like I had this legitimate connection now. I understand this may seemed biased since I am such a huge fan, but honestly this book is incredibly well written. Being able to see one of the greatest entertainers of all time through none other then his daughters eyes was incredible. There was love, loss, heartbreak and unbelievable celebrity stories. Just imagine what it would be like if Marilyn Monroe was your babysitter, if you let Elvis Presley, or if you almost had a fling with Robert Mitchum. I’m telling you, this memoir is filled with amazing stories you won’t want to miss.


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