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If you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen yet, I’d say it’s time you do.

Honestly, there’s a time in every single girls life where she needs to read this book then watch this scene so that you will forever have an unreasonably high standard for men.

Mr. Darcy isn’t like a majority of the male characters that women fantasize about. He has money, sure, but he’s much more complex then that. He’s very opinionated and well educated with slightest amount of sass which has yours truly swooning. Elizabeth Bennet is a bad ass as well, don’t get me wrong. She was way ahead of her time, and didn’t care about what was politically correct or incorrect for the women at that time. She did whatever she pleased which is why I adore her.

Seriously, this is the best excuse, if you needed one, to start a book club with your gal pals. It makes it so much more fun to all be reading the same adventure.

Long live Mr. Darcy.

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