Ranting and Raving: When to Cut Ties


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Okay, this week’s ranting and raving is dedicated to those lingering friendships you’ve been debating about ending. Before you freak out, you have to realize that it’s not a bad thing to cut ties with people. Chances are, there’s a pretty valid reason why you’re thinking of blocking this person out of your life. I’ve had to cut ties with several people, and to be honest I wasn’t all that heartbroken about it. Maybe it sounds harsh, but you can’t think of it like that. The people that I’ve chosen to no longer have in my life were toxic. They brought me down, they held me back. When you’re trying to become something of yourself, you need to surround yourself with people who will lift you up, who are supportive.

Leaving my friends behind in California was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Though they were extremely supportive and loving, I was leaving a family. ┬áThese people are amazing and have become some of my best lifelong friends. They keep in touch with me nearly every day and for that I am forever grateful. It’s not like it was a goodbye forever either, it was more of, I’ll see you soon.

The people that I have met here in Washington have been unbelievably kind and welcoming. Since it’s a bigger city, I have so much opportunity for my blog, for my career, and for myself. All this love and support I’m getting from everyone has kind of left me on this permanent high with life. I’ve never felt this happy, like I could legitimately make things happen now that I’m meeting all these people and the complete resources I need.

That’s great and all, but that’s not the purpose of this post. Back to cutting ties. I have this major golden rule that I lived by for quite some time now. It’s become more prevalent now that I’m an adult and taking my life more seriously. Okay so this is my rule:

If you’re friends with me on social media and do not attempt to keep in touch with me whatsoever, you’re getting cut. You don’t get the privilege of seeing what’s going on in my life if you’re not going to be apart of it.

Similarly to Lauren Conrad, in a blog post she wrote about inviting people to weddings, she believed that if you haven’t sat down and had lunch with that person in 2 years, they don’t get invited. People are lazy, and it drives me nuts that people actually believe that being friends virtually but not in person is legitimate. The way I see it, I’m young and ┬áhaving the time of my life. This time is precious, and it’s not going to be wasted by anyone.

No one will hold me back.

You are completely responsible for everything in your life. Your happiness, your relationships, your jobs, your friends, you mistakes. It’s up to you what to do with them

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