Photo Diary: Frye Art Museum and Cafe Presse

Photo Diary: Frye Art Museum and Cafe Presse


This past week, I kicked off my Seattle Bucket List by visiting my first destination.

This bucket list is directed towards seeing the city on a budget. Everything is going to cost around twenty dollars or less, although a majority of them are next to nothing.

The first stop: Frye Art Museum

704 Terry Ave. Seattle, Wa. 98104

Admission: Free!

Parking: Free!

The Break Down: Currently under construction, there is one small room open to walk through. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Photos are allowed, just no flash photography. There are also artists in their as well, painting in the exhibit.

Would I go back? Once they’re done with construction most likely because there will be more rooms open. Still, if you haven’t gone I would definitely check it out. You’re getting some early 19th century European culture for completely free. There is a bistro style cafe inside, as well as a very sophisticated gift shop filled with modern art pieces and art history books.

Food Stop: Cafe Presse

1117 12th Ave. Seattle, Wa. 98122

Pricing: $$

Parking: 2$ an hour

The Break Down: Typical French Style Bar and Cafe. All the staff was very friendly and outgoing. I ordered the tartare de boeuf, salade au radis $13.50. Grass-fed beef, hand chopped and seasoned arugula, radish, radish greens and grapefruit, with a grilled baguette. I also order a chocolate chaud, a Parisian-style hot chocolate made to served with some incredible whipped cream. I also took home some caramels au beurre which are house made caramels and oh my god were they incredible. I’m definitely going back just to order more of these little drops of heaven.

Would I go back? Yes. You can never not go back to a Parisian style cafe.

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