Saturday Chat 

You guys. 

This Saturday Chat, all I can say is how  excited I am for tonight. I’m seeing Alan Cumming perform tonight and my inner theater nerd is freaking the hell out. 

For those of you who are not that into theater, Alan Cumming played Floop in Spy Kids. He’s most known for his role as emcee in Cabaret on Broadway. He’s an adorable Scottish man who has been through hell and back. 

In his novel, Not My Father’s Son, he talks about the physical and verbal abuse he suffered as a child from his father. 

He has overcome so much and is extremely talented. The show starts at 8, and I will be posting updates and photos on my Instagram iamfashioncoco so make sure to follow me! I’ll do a photo diary about it next week, I’m so excited!

Until next time, 


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