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So for this week’s Saturday chat I just wanted to talk about how I got a tattoo recently. It was my first tattoo and I’m absolutely in love with it. 

It was something I have definitely considered about for a while but I was happy that I finally got it done. Overall I had a very pleasant experience.

 If you guys are ever considering to get a tattoo I would say definitely bring a friend and helps if you have the moral support I had another fellow blogger with me Jazmine and it was really awesome to have her there. 

The tattoo didn’t take more than five minutes it didn’t really hurt too bad but then again I did get a small one. The tattoo artist told me that it would just feel like a bee sting and since I’ve never been stung by a bee I don’t know exactly what that feels like but personally I thought it felt like getting a shot and so it was like being injected with a needle and just kind of having the need move around in your skin. So it was uncomfortable but it wasn’t unbearable.

Make sure that you’re very open with your tattoo artist and tell them what you want exactly. Also don’t be afraid to tell them that you’re uncomfortable because they want you to feel relaxed about the whole situation. 

The guy who did my tattoo was very considerate and asked me if I needed a break at any point.

 It was an overall a pretty fun experience, it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be.

Another tip one of my coworker shared with me is if you’re considering on getting a tattoo get the picture of that tattoo as your wallpaper and keep it as your wallpaper for a month and if you still like it after that month is up then get it because you will be used to seeing it every day.
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