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The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. Higgins

So this book was highly recommended and loaned to me by a close friend of mine.

I think it’s very important where you’re friends with someone or potentially dating someone, to read their favorite book. Read their favorite book, listen to their favorite song, watch their favorite movie. All these things will say a lot about a person.


A young boy by the name of Ludlow Fitch is on a journey to escape a most heinous and terrible past. He’s eager to start a new life in an isolated village as an assistant to mysterious man who trades people’s secrets for money. Ludlow’s job will be to record these secrets in The Black Book of Secrets. However what Fitch’s new mentor might not be aware of is that Fitch himself may be the one who has the darkest of secrets.


So far, the novel’s style of writing is reminding me of similar in that of H.P. Lovercraft. I can’t wait to explore this village, and the secrets that Ludlow Fitch has learned.

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