Where Have I Been?


Hello all you lovely people!

By now it seems that I have been MIA, which, for the most part, is entirely true. It’s been difficult, to try to find consistent content to post on here. Interviews have been falling short, I honestly can’t find a lot of people willing to do these interviews anymore, which makes me sad. Hopefully I’ll find a way to appeal to more people, as of now, I’m taking a little break from conducting interviews.

However, I have been a little more successful lately with my YouTube and Instagram account (both under the same name as my blog, iamfashioncoco). It would mean the world to me if you guys checked out my content over there. Or better yet, go ahead and follow and subscribe!

I am brainstorming ways to consistenyly post more content. Since my primary focus is vlogging, I will continue to share updates with you about that as well.

Thanks for following, I’ll write soon!


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