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Hello everyone!

Here’s another little update about my vlogs. For nearly six months now, I’ve been dating this guy, Kolani. (He’s the fella pictured above with me). We’ve been vlogging together shortly after we started dating, and it’s only gotten better. We’ve been vlogging more and more, and it’s honestly one of the funnest things ever.

I have my own videos that I post regularly, but Kolani and I have our own little playlist we call “Chlolani”. We go out and about adventuring, we go paddleboarding, kayaking, and other fun activities. I’m hoping we get to go hiking and do other fun ¬†outdoor activities as well. I’ve gotten a good response from them as well, so I ¬†figured I’d share the link of my latest video with you all.

We don’t try to do anything in particular, and I mean that by we just pull out the camera whenever we’re having a great time in the sunshine or driving around. Just happy little moments that are fun to share.

So click the link below to watch the latest Chlolani video.


Hope you all enjoy!

  • – Chloe


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