Let’s Talk About…

Hey Y’all-

So I had this idea that I wanted to run by you. Something that came to me while I was sitting on my couch,  with a drink in hand thinking about life.

If you guys watch my vlogs, it’s almost unnecessary to tell you that I love to talk. I want to start a section of my vlogs, or a new segment called “Let’s Talk About.” I feel like there are many issues that we as young women might ignore or not talk about. I want to create videos that are open for discussion. I’ve already been brainstorming ideas of topics I’d like to talk about. I want to have videos that people can watch and come to if they need guidance, or feel lost, or just don’t want to feel alone because everyone has these feelings at one point in time.

I want to make discussion videos about everything: insecurities, depression, anxiety, socializing, dating, etc. I feel like it would work best if it were interactive and you guys would hop on board too. This segment has the potential of being something so fantastic and comforting.

Please comment below if this is something you’d be interested in, I’ll even start working on one to see if this is something you would enjoy.

Love you all, until next time,


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