Your Audience Assignment (PTV)


I am currently attending Parsons Teen Vogue, and as apart of my Lesson 4 assignments, I have been researching and studying the audience groups of my blog, youtube channel and other social media accounts.

Prior to this assignment, I had been assessing and analyzing what could make my feed more enjoyable. I searched several different accounts similar to mine and other accounts that had the style that I desired to create and obtain.

By researching and comparing different styles of social media, I began to see patterns and learn what the general audience enjoyed seeing. For example, if I took more time taking photos, editing content for my YouTube channel, and posting on social media with a consistent theme, the more followers I seem to obtain.

Additionally, I noticed that a majority of my traffic seems to flow in internationally. Many of my followers are from foreign countries which I think is amazing, knowing that my content is reaching people all over the world is seriously inspiring.

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