For Vegas


There are absolutely no words to describe the horror that happened in Las Vegas.

I find myself  lost in a chaos of thoughts, wondering what in the world could lead to such an indescribable, horrific event.

No words of comfort will ever be enough. Even if I were to write the most beautiful tribute to the victims; this piece in no way can we bring back the irreplaceable lives that were lost.

My heart is heavy, my mind is racing. No explanation can be formed. No one in their right mind would inflict so much pain and hurt on the world much less the families affected.

The only peace I could possibly have to offer, is that when horrific things like this do happen, we become so much closer together. We are  not strangers. We are all one. We send love, we grieve with you, we offer what ever we can. We remember who we are and realize all that we have taken for granted.

Because while this country is seemingly crumbling because of  hate, we remain united against acts of terror. Every honorable American understands that we are the United States of America, and if any act of terror attempts to dismantle that, we will take back what’s ours.

Every single damn person deserves peace, equality, and love.

Take a moment to reach out to all your dear friends and family, those whom you could not live without.

Tell them you love them.

We should not be afraid of dying because of living our life.

My heart goes out to all those affected and victimized by this attack.

Fuck terror.


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