Production Costs: PTV Homework Assignment


For this homework assignment for Parsons Teen Vogue, I created a Chan Luu bracelet and have calculated the production costs for the item.

I no longer sell these bracelets on my etsy store, although I used to. It was interesting to break it down and really look at all the money that was going into the production as well as a decent markup that I would have to consider if I wanted to be making a profit.

Turns out, I had been selling the bracelets for far cheaper than what they are actually valued at. I was more worried about making the prices seem reasonable for customers that I was actually losing money when all was said and done.

Here is my breakdown:

Leather cording: 9$

Metal clasps: 4$

Metal clamps: 4$

Beads: 6$

Wire: 7$

Total Production Cost: 30$

20% Profit: 6$

Total Production Cost & Profit: 36$

Estimated Total: 40$

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