PTV Assignment: Retail Marketing


When I read that for this assignment I would have to find a floorset I liked, only one store stood out to me. I might be biased, since Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores, but I absolutely love the way they set their store up.

Especially in the downtown Seattle store, everything is set up to a T. Whether you’re walking near the shoes, high fashion, or wedding department, it’s easy to say that the entire store is nothing short of a fashion museum. Nordstrom values all of their products, they put them on display like a work of art. Which I’ve always believed that true fashion is art. If you look at these detailed blouses or wedding gowns, anyone can tell that these are not just “clothes” they are works of art which become a form of identity.

Think about it, whatever you decide to wear is what you are presenting yourself as-whatever you wear is representing the person that you are. I would hardly call fashion or taking pride in how you look as shallow. Having a necessary appropriate fashion sense is essential if you want to be taken seriously.

Back to the set up-Nordstrom displays their product like how it should be. It makes me intrigued and curious to go there often to see what other works of “art” will be displayed. It’s beautiful because I feel like this one of the few stores that understands the fashion is art concept. Any store like a Walmart is obviously extremely different but it’s not a very shoppable, comfortable atmosphere.

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