PTV Assignment: Your Mockup


For this assignment, I was instructed to create my own “signature bag”. Originally, I had designed a messenger bag, but I realized that I would personally prefer a tote bag.

Although I’m not that crafty let alone good at sewing, the bag pictured above is the tote I have created for this assignment. Eventually, I will be adding some design to the surface, to add more uniqueness and originality.

It is a simple tote, but it’s something that I see as being very practical. Whether you’re running a few errands or enjoying a sunny day at the local farmers market, this bag is ideal.

Going over the production costs was a little interesting, but the overall price seemed to be appropriate for the quality of this bag.

Fabric: 6.58

Sewing materials: 6.99

Fabric Paint: 9.49

Duck Tape: 4.62

= 27.68

Production Cost: 5.54

After production cost: 33.22

Estimated Sales Price: 40

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