Pet Emergency: Beware the Asian Beetle!

Pet Emergency: Beware the Asian Beetle!


Hello everyone! Today is not a typical blog post but more of a PSA.

I recently just learned about the Asian Beetle and thought I should share it with you all because as a dog owner, these little guys can hurt your pup and potentially cause serious health risks if left untreated. 

The Asian Beetle can look a lot like lady bugs, as seen above. It’s very important to check the roof of your pup’s mouth in case there has been any possible way that they have crossed paths.


What is the Asian Beetle?

The Asian Beetle is a native North American Species, from the same family as the lady bug. It can obviously be hard to tell the difference between the two, but the Asian Beetle can vary in color and number of spots; anywhere from yellow to black or zero to nineteen spots on their outer shell.


Where can I find them?

Just like any harmful pests such as ticks, the Asian Beetle can be found in the great outdoors, so if your pup is regularly active in fields or woodsy areas, make sure you keep an eye out. These little critters like to dig themselves into the roof of your pup’s mouth, making it incredibly sore, as seen in the photo above.


What are the health risks?

Although they are less present in the southwest, it is very important to keep an eye on your pet to see if they’re acting differently, especially if they’re an outside dog. Early signs of a possible Asian Beetle harming your pet is a stinky breath and a sore mouth. Your pet could be fidgeting more, trying to mess with their mouth or drinking a lot of water trying to wash the pests down. If left untreated, the beetles can pose some serious health risks. They could spread into the esophagus, create ulcers, and even in some rare cases result in death.

What Can I Do?

No need to start panicking though! If you do notice some of the unwelcome pests in your pets mouth, just make an appointment with your vet and they can easily be removed. Your pup will be back in great health with no more discomfort!


Share this with your fellow dog moms so we can protect our little furbabies!

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