Our Favorite Breakfast Spot at the Disneyland Hotel!

Our Favorite Breakfast Spot at the Disneyland Hotel!

There are two different parts to the Tangaroa Terrace restaurant at The Disneyland Hotel. Today’s blog post is going to focus on the family friendly area.

We had three full days at Disneyland, and each morning Kolani and I went to this restaurant for breakfast.

After we had gotten to our hotel in the early ours of the morning, we were starting to get hungry and decided to plan ahead and find a spot for breakfast for later on in the day. We googled breakfast spots and found plenty of overpriced or overbooked places- even the room service breakfast was nearly $50 a person!

Considering it was our first day there, we didn’t want to blow $100 on just a breakfast. As I searched around, I came upon Tangaroa Terrace, a family friendly buffet style restaurant with great prices.


Since we were guests at the Disneyland Hotel and had access to Early Magic Morning, we were able to get to the restaurant early before any crowds took over. The restaurant was within walking distance from our room, and also near the pool and other restaurants like Goofy’s Kitchen and Steakhouse 55.

Both of us had ordered a Breakfast Platter (pictured above) priced at $14 a person. The Breakfast Platter is so. damn. good. It comes with scrambled eggs, juicy bacon, and spicy home fries that are seasoned with red and green peppers.


It’s filling, delicious, and won’t leave you feeling hungry. I really liked this breakfast spot, it was fast, quiet and definitely didn’t break the bank compared to the competitors!

If you’re interested in checking this place out further, click here.

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Stay tuned for the second part of this post, reviewing Trader Sam’s, an enchanting Tiki Bar with incredible island vibes.

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