March Favorites: Pet Edition

March Favorites: Pet Edition


For the month of March, I’m going to be writing two different monthly blog posts.

First, I’m starting off with all of Ava’s favorite goodies, treats and toys she got this month.

Next time, I’ll be posting my favorite beauty products and miscellaneous home goods.

Ava’s had a great March; playing with new toys, learning how to swim and trying new treats! Let’s go ahead and jump right in.


Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball: Under 10$

This one took Ava a little while to understand but now she absolutely loves it! I found this amazing toy on Amazon when I learned it was National Pet Day last week. Of course I had to get my little girl a toy because I’m an obsessive dog mom, right?

Anyways, I thought this toy was such a great buy. It’s about 4 inches, and looks very similar to a hamster ball. The toy has a yellow and a blue divider inside the ball. The objective is to reduce your pets anxiety and keep them busy while you’re away from home or simply trying to catch up on house work.

Put a couple of hard (not soft) treats in the center, so your pet will be able to hear and smell the treats inside. The dividers make it difficult, but once your pet rolls the toy around a certain way, the treat will fall out! Ava was confused at first, because she knew it was a ball but could not carry it around in her mouth like her other tennis balls. We took the dividers out when we first gave it to her, so she would understand the concept of rolling it and getting a treat. Once she was a pro, we put in the yellow divider. It has still kept her busy and we’ve yet to put the blue one divider in. But overall I absolutely love this toy/product, Ava gets such a kick out of it!

You can buy yours here.

Nylabone Power Chew Durachew Bone: Under 6$


Ava loves to chew. She has several fun squeaky toys, and at one point or another, she slowly starts chewing on them and trying to tear them apart. So I thought to myself, why have I not gotten her any chew toy specifically for chewing? She just turned 7 months old, so she’s still just a puppy.

The Nylabone durable bones (bottom left of the picture) seemed to be a good fit. They’re made of a hard plastic and came in a pack of two, one chicken flavored and one peanut butter flavored. Again, these took Ava a little while to get used to as well, simply because the material was different from her other toys. I held it out to her and lit her sniff it and eventually she picked up traces of the flavors and went to town. I love that she’s able to exercise her mad chewing skills in a healthy way.

You can buy yours here.

Leaps&Bounds Romp & Return: Under 10$

This toy is also featured in the above photo, the bright pink chew toy. This one caught my eye of course cause it’s pink, large and has a variety of textures. If you bump it on your knee or on the floor it lights up! It also squeaks when squeezed (or in this case chewed on).  I had already gotten Ava the harder plastic chew toys so I wanted to get her something a little different but just as, if not more, exciting.

Unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found on Amazon, but I got mine at Petco in the clearance section. So if this peaks your interest, be on the lookout!


Doggy TV, available on Amazon Prime for Free!

Okay so this one actually cracked me up. Kolani and I absolutely love our Amazon Prime member benefits, and one night as we were searching for something to watch on our new TV, this show was in our suggestions.

It’s labeled as Reality TV for dogs, and we couldn’t stop laughing at Ava’s reaction. Basically, it’s a bunch of random footage of this pack of dogs doing random things that dogs love. From going on walks, going to the park, playing, swimming, and everything in between. Ava will sit up on the couch with us and just stare. she’ll woof occasionally, but she loves this show. It’s also helped me a little bit, because typically when I’m trying to clean the apartment, she’s always underfoot, following me everywhere and making it difficult. But I’ll ask her if she wants to watch her show and she jumps up on the couch and watches it as I do dishes, vacuum and do laundry, it’s so nice!

 You can check it out for yourself by clicking here.



Being such a dedicated dog mom has really changed my life. I love my little Ava, she’s pretty much my child and has taken care of any baby craze I could have possible had. Growing up, whenever there was a holiday, usually around Thanksgiving or Christmas, my parents would give our dogs a little bit of broth or rice, sometimes both, while we feasted on our own special meal. Pets are apart of our family, and I love the idea of including them in a celebration like that.

Fast forward to present day 2018. I’m scoping out Petco with my sister and came across Merrick’s seasonal wet dog food. Since St. Patrick’s day was coming up, I decided to get the Irish Stew recipe, to keep the tradition alive, and to see if Ava liked it at all. I only gave her a little bit at a time, mixing it with her normal dry food.

When I brought her dog bowl up to the kitchen counter, she knew something was up. I always just poured her food right in the food bowl, so taking it away must have meant something special. When I set it back down she lost it. Those were the eyes she was giving me in the picture above when I was preparing it. Just look at that face. Given, she had some nasty puppy farts a couple days later, but I love making her happy and seeing her try new things.

To shop this flavor or other like it, click here.

Now, I’m going to move on to Likes & Dislikes

of what Ava saw or experienced for the first time.

Likes: The Dog Beach


On any slightly warm day, we pack up Ava in our truck and take her to a dog friendly beach. She’s still getting used to the water and the idea of swimming, but each beach day is an improvement. She makes so many furfriends too! In this photo, we took her to a calm and shallow little riverbank where she met another 6 month old pup named Dodger. They ran in and out of the water and chased each other for about thirty minutes! She’s such a social pup and loves saying hello to any person or pup nearby.

Dislikes: Turtles..or Tortoises.

This cracked me up too, and sadly I don’t have any photographic evidence (although how would I, really). But one of the days Ava was watching the Doggy TV Show, as mentioned above, they had a segment where the dogs all had a beach day. She was enjoying it first, until a tortoise began to walk across the sand. Then it pretty much turned into World War III. It’s so comical to me because she really is like a little kid, seeing things for the first time and not knowing how to feel or think about them. Anyways, her hair was standing up and she was pacing and barking so I fast forwarded the turtle scene.

Alright guys, that’s it for this post!

This is the first time I’ve done an in depth pet post like this, so let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments below! Don’t forget to sign up for the email list so you’ll be the first to know about the latest blog posts!

This has been a chloscall.

Until next time,


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