The Girl’s Guide to Must Have Car Essentials

The Girl’s Guide to Must Have Car Essentials

Although it seems silly, this is a somewhat sensitive topic for me.

Stereotypically, girls and cars don’t mix that well. That’s not meant to be sexist or offensive in anyway, but I think a lot of us girls can agree that learning about cars is not at the top of our priorities.

I’m considering doing articles about how to jump a car or fix a tire in future blog posts. If this is something that interests you, let me know in the comments.

In my opinion, I don’t think any woman should feel helpless. One of my biggest pet peeves is going into an auto shop alone. The men working there automatically assume I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ve even had a few “Can I help you sweetheart?” comments. Statements like that alone make my blood boil. Using pet names in that way is so degrading.


For today’s blog post, I’m listing my favorite car essentials that

I believe ever girl should have.

Let’s get started.

  1. Triple AAA

This one might seem obvious, but a lot of people overlook it.

Why: You can never take too many precaution or be too safe-especially as a woman. And fast, reliable roadside service is a neccessity so you won’t be stranded. For a basic membership, it’s only 66$ a year.

Sign up here, but make sure you select your correct state:

Triple AAA Basic Membership

2.  Stop Leak (Lucas Oil)

I’m currently in need of this product right now.

Why:  I noticed that every time I would turn on the heater in my car while I was driving, it would eventually smell like something was burning.

When I drove around with my dad, he came to the conclusion that it was an oil leak. Instead of stressing about taking my car in, he suggested getting the Lucas Oil Stop Leak. It’ll help the odor and the leak!

It’s important to make a habit of checking your oil anyways, but once it’s down to about a quart full, just follow the directions and slowly funnel it in.

The liquid is going to be extremely thick like syrup, so be careful not to spill. This is a great buy and will save you some major bucks.

You can buy yours by clicking below.


3. Fix a Flat

This product is also a life saver, my dad always makes sure I have a can of this in my car at all times because it’s so handy!

Why: If you have a flat tire and you’re in need of a quick, cheap fix, this is the product for you. No other tools are required, and it will have your tire fixed and repaired within minutes.

You can buy yours by clicking below.


4. Car Wipes

These are also so great to have. My car used to pretty much be a locker for me in high school and college, so my car would always be so messy!

But since I’ve gotten older, I’ much more mindful, and when my car is clean I feel like I drive better and happier.

Why: Wipes are a great way to wipe down your windows, dash, and leather seats if you have them. You won’t have to pay extra money for a detailed cleaning next time you go to the car wash.

I bought this 3 pack a few months ago and I use them so much to keep my car nice and tidy!

You can get yours by clicking below.


5. Collect Napkins

I know, I know. We all try to eat as healthy as we can, but sometimes you’re gonna find yourself leaving Taco Bell with a crunchwrap burning your lap and you’ll ask yourself, “Why am I like this?”

But don’t worry! Whenever you’re able to, keep all the napkins!

Why: Napkins are great and so underrated to have in your car. If you have a quick spill to clean, or you have a guest with the sniffles, you’re set!

6. Plastic Bags

Ever go into a Target for a birthday card for your cousin and end up buying half the spring collection? Don’t feel too guilty! Save your bags!!

Why: You know those moms who seem to hoard thousands of plastic bags for no reason? Keep a few in your car. Rather than having loose trash scattered about your car, use them for trash bags! I frequently stop by gas stations to tidy up my car, throw away trash and obviously, get gas. I’ve done this for a wile and it helps keep everything tidy!

7. Phone Charger

Why: especially if you have a busier lifestyle, this would be an unquestionable necessity! While you’re driving around or doing errands, your phone will be able to keep up with you. I’d really do your research though, I’ve dealt with some cheap and unreliable chargers so definitely look around.

8. Magnetic Cell Phone Mount

This-without a doubt- is one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever bought for my car.

Why: We’ve all attempted to have some sort of phone holder in our  car. Like those horrendous ones that would clip onto your phone?


I actualy learned about these from an old coworker of mine. It’s the nicest little setup! You’ll pput a round magnet on the back of your phone. Don’t worry, it’s super thin and not bulky! The installation instructions are super simple to follow. Th best part is it’s only $10!

You can shop mine below:


That concludes our car essentials! I think all of these products work wonders and they’re so handy to have. Hopefully they make your commute a little easier, and I hope you learned some helpful hacks!

I post a blog post every Sunday, so make sure you’re following my blog to get notified when they’re up!

This has been a chloscall

Until next time,


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