5 Things I do for an Organized Home!

5 Things I do for an Organized Home!

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

Every time I begin a blog post and greet you guys, I read the welcome intro in a radio talk show host voice.

Does anyone else feel that way?

No? Okay, sorry…cause that’s probably the only way you’ll read it now.

Moving on!

Since I’m approaching my 24th year around the sun,

I’ve begun to realize that I can’t undo this adulting thing.

So, instead, I’ve decided to grab life by the you know what and own it.

Today, I’m sharing with you the top five things

I do to keep myself organized and ready to slay.

Making the bed

Sure, your parents probably annoyed you about this when you were younger. But by this time in your life, you’re probably slowly realizing what a difference it can make.

Now, I really do make my bed every morning, I’m just that perfect. Totally kidding. But I do make the bed. Why? Because it’s huge!!

It’ll make your bedroom look much cleaner and organized, even though you still have that pile of possibly dirty or possibly clean clothes on your computer chair, (I see you).

And, once you come home from a long day of work, you’ll want to cry happy tears after you look at your deliciously comfy bed you can’t wait to jump into.

But really, make your bed. It takes, like, not even five minutes. So no more excuses.

Decide on Dinner

After making your bed, it’s time to move onto the kitchen and decide what you’re going to eat for dinner.

A lot of people put this off until the last minute, but you should always plan ahead whenever you can. After I wake up, I’ll think about my week, or more specifically the day that lies ahead of me.

Typically, I just throw something in the crockpot because you all know how much I love and swear by crockpots; but also because it’s super fast, easy, and ready by the time you get home!

On other days, like if I only work in the mornings or it’s a weekend, I’ll spend more time actually cooking, like this incredible Tuscan Chicken Pasta for example. If you want me to share more of my favorite recipes with you, let me know in the comments.

Clean Your Space

Once dinner is decided, I then assess the “damage” of my apartment. I’m really good at keeping things relatively clean, but you’d be surprised on what you’ll wake up to from the works of a restless puppy or a hungry boyfriend searching for a midnight snack.

Typically, I’ll tackle the dishes and the vacuuming first since they’re the most time consuming. After that, I’ll take out the trash and recycling.

It might not seem like too much, but if you have a little apartment and you’ve already made the bed, did the dishes, vacuumed, taken out the trash and recycling- then your space is pretty much entirely clean already, and it took at most, what, 30 minutes?


I highly doubt there’s ever a time when all of the laundry is completely done.

Your laundry basket might be nearly empty, but look around you. See those clothes on the floor? In your bathroom? Yep, we’re washing those.

If they’re clean, hang them or fold them. If they’re dirty, put them right into the washer. Look how amazing your place looks. Don’t you feel happy and productive?

You Time

Congrats, your place is all tidy! Now, you do you. This is the time when I’ll make a coffee, smoothie, tea, etc.  Then, I’ll shower, relax, do my hair and make up, and get ready for the day.

Since you already took care of your little home, you can take your time putting yourself together, and not have to worry or stress.

There you have it! This quick little routine has become a ritual to me.

In my mind, I try to make the place look how I would want it to if I came home first (Kolani always beats me home).

I also get up earlier, at 6 or 7 and start my routine. By the time it’s done, it’s barely 8 and I have a full morning ahead of me to do whatever I want. Just clean smarter, not harder.

This has been a chloscall.

Until next time,


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