My April Faves

My April Faves

I feel like I literally just wrote about my March favorites..

But, to quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast.”

So! Right now we’re going to be taking a look into all of my affordable fashion and beauty finds for the month of April.

 I wanted to do a blog post so I could include all the shoppable links for each item.

Ready, Set, Shop:


To be honest, I don’t have too many new beauty products that I tried this month, so this will be short and simple. 🙂

Covergirl LashBlast Full Lash Bloom Mascara


Out of all the beauty products I try, I think I switch up mascaras the most. I’m always looking for the best, affordable and reliable mascara that’s going to give me great clump free volume. This mascara does just that-clump free, nice volume and under 10$! You guys know I’m not a huge makeup person, and I believe that the natural look is the best way to go.

You can buy yours by clicking below:

COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom by LashBlast Mascara Very Black 800.44 oz

Nexxus Hairspray


I’ve always heard great things about Nexxus and decided to try it out myself. Whenever I try something new, I always buy a travel size if I can. Just to try it out and make sure that I like it, and if I don’t, then I’m not wasting the whole product or losing money from the cost of the whole product. This hairspray is awesome, it’s great, lightweight, and has a refreshing scent. It’s an aerosol style which is my favorite. Even after I use it, my hair is still natural looking hair, not stiff, and remains that way.

You can buy yours by clicking below:

 NEXXUS Comb Thru Natural Hold Design & Finishing Mist 1.50 oz (Pack of 3)

Revlon Lip Creme


Okay, lip cremes have become some of my favorite beauty products in the recent years. They’re not as dry as lipstick, but they’re also not as sticky as lip gloss. I love it.

I came across Revlon’s new line of Lip Creme’s recently and decided to give their neutral shade a try. I’m a little back and forth with this product. I do like it, but I don’t think the color is all that great-but hear me out. I naturally have darker red/pink lips, so a sheer nude color isn’t going to look right on me. (The nude color I have pictured above is in the shade Cashmere Creme). BUT, I do think it’s a good, well made product, I just need to try a different shade! I’m thinking a brighter pink, since Spring has sprung!

You can buy yours by clicking below:

 Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme, Peony Buff


Theater is My Sport Tee

Facetune_11-04-2018-09-27-31 I mentioned this tee earlier and I am mentioning it again just because I love it that much. I got a small in the gray and it fits/looks great! It really accents my curves nicely and it’s seriously so comfy.

You can get yours by clicking below:

 Womens Theatre Is My Sport Musical Cute Acting Theater Actor Shirt XL Dark Heather

Universal Threads Striped Tee 


I love this tee so much, I feel like it has such great French vibes! I’ve paired it with black pants and black flats before, making me feel so chic for such a great price! It’s a short sleeve, loose fitted tee with a flattering neckline.  For this look, I kept it causal and paired it with my favorite Universal Thread High Wasted Jeans.

You can shop my tee by clicking below: Universal Threads Striped Tee.

Gray Button Down Back Blouse
IMG_4841 This blouse was such an unexpected great find! I always scope out the clearance section at Target just to see if I can find any hidden treasures. And honestly, it’s a hit or a miss for me, but this time, I found something to get excited about. At first glance on the rack, I liked the scoop of the neck, the softness of the top, and simple design. The plainer the top/dress, the more you can play it up by adding tons of cute accessories! But wait for the back of this cute blouse guys..


How amazing is the detail on the back of the top?! I love the simplicity, and peek-a-boo design. This was a bargain, for only 8.98! I love finding great fashion for wonderful prices. Just goes to show that you can look great without having to break the bank. You just have to be picky and selective with what you want. I usually hold out on particular items until I find exactly what I’m looking for. I went to Target looking for blouses, and when I came across this blouse I knew it was fate.

Shop my style here:
 A New Day – Style that goes wherever you do


Universal Thread Pink Tank

Okay this is like, the tank of my dreams. It’s such a great, breathable fabric, comes in a beautiful hot pink color, screams summer, and it’s only 8$! If you’re someone who loves tanks, you can easily stock up right now. The price is unbeatable and it comes in a variety of colors!


You can shop my tank here: Universal Thread Tank

Universal Threads Gray Tee

This tee is so simple but so dreamy.
It’s soft, flattering and incredibly comfortable. I can sleep in it, wear it casually or dress it up. I absolutely love clothing that you can easily dress up or down, it makes life, fashion, and styling so much simpler.

Shop my Tee: Universal Threads Casual Tee And Shop my new favorite jeans: High Rise Skinny

That’s it for this blog post and the favorites for the month of April! I hope you all enjoyed this, make sure to let me know by liking and commenting! I really want to do more monthly blog posts like this one, I feel like I’ve gone back to my journalism roots with this layout. See you all next weekend!

This has been a chloscall.

Until next time,


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