8 Ways to be Perfectly Prepared

8 Ways to be Perfectly Prepared


It’s happened again. You forgot to bring that one thing from home. Or maybe you’re in a situation where that one thing you were considering buying at the store would have really come in handy at the moment.

You feel unorganized, or unprepared.

Luckily, you’ve stumbled across my blog post here and I’m about to put you at ease. So sit back, relax, and read on. Because I’m about to tell you my list of 8 things that will really come in handy to have.

Oh, but maybe take out a pen and paper to write these down, (I guess since it’s 2018, you can just pull open the notes section on your phone.)

Got it? Good. Let’s get started.

1. First Aid Kit

It might seem a little silly at first, to consider if you really need a first aid kit. But in my opinion, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And this doesn’t just carry band-aids; think about if you or a passenger in your car gets carsick, has a headache or has a minor inconvenience that can be fixed with your kit.

It’s everything you need in one little pouch kept in the trunk of your car. To be honest, Target has some super cute First Aid Kits available, and the best part is they’re under 12$. You can either get a cute case and “build your own” or purchase one with all the items inside.

I would suggest for now, to get one with all the items inside and see how it works for you for a while. Eventually, you might want to add certain things and customize your kit.

You can shop your first aid kit here

2. Sewing Kit

If anyone knows how to sew anymore (lol actually crying) a sewing kit is a must have. If you don’t know how, it’s actually quite simple to learn the basics, try to find a video somewhere on YouTube.

Sewing Kits are great to have for minor wears and tears. I can’t tell you how many times Kolani has asked me to repair little tears in his clothes.

We have to remind ourselves to not become so dependent on technology that we don’t know how to work with our hands.

I have the one below from Amazon and I love it. It’s simple, compact, under 10$ and has just enough to help you out with simple patch jobs.

You can buy yours here.

3. Tool Bag

My dad actually got me a simple little tool bag a few years ago, and I still have and use it to this day. Just like the sewing kit is for clothes, the tool bag is great for minor repairs as well.

I’ve always loved the idea of being a self sufficient woman, as much as possible. If I have something that needs repairing, I’ll just pull out my tool bag and go to work. Remember you only have yourself to rely on before anyone else.

This one pictured below is the exact one I have,

you can get yours by clicking  here.

4. Steamer

After working in retail for four years, I finally decided to get my own steamer for all my nicer clothes. Why should you invest in a steamer?

I use the term invest loosely, because simple steamers are not very expensive whatsoever. BUT. Unless you’re ironing your clothes (let’s all laugh together), I guarantee you have creases in some of your clothes.

With a steamer, it’s an easy fix. just fill the reservoir with a little water, give it time to heat up and start using! Do use caution while using and please do not burn yourself!

This is the exact one I got about a year ago, it’s seriously super handy to have if you’re getting ready for a wedding, or may a job interview.

You can buy yours here.

5. Blotting Sheets

At one point or another, our skin is going to get oily; it’s a given. Unfortunately this is like the one way us girls prefer not to.. “shine”. SO. If you haven’t gotten your hands on oil blotting sheets, I’d say it’s about time you do.

These sheets are great, they help blot away any unwanted oil from your face without taking any of your makeup off! I think these little guys are so underrated by they do something so great.

I love this one from Amazon so much because it comes with a little compact mirror! I was on the hunt for a little mirror  a while ago and they’re incredibly hard to find.

Take advantage of this little bundle!

Buy yours here.

6. Planner

When I was in high school, the faculty would hand out planners to all the students within the first week of school. Maybe I’m a dork, but I always was so excited for a new planner. And I’m not sure if all schools did this, but I was obsessed with the idea. You could keep everything written down, organized, in one place. I could easily check on my homework assignments, after school choir practice, doctors appointments, etc.

So why would you not have a planner now when in reality you probably need one even more so then you did back then? I won’t lie, it took me a while to get into the habit of regularly using a planner, but now that I have, I can’t remember why I wasn’t using one before.

Everyday when I get to work, I pull my planner out and look over upcoming bills, appointments, etc. I track my spending, budgeting and take a look at the entire month to try to plan ahead and see what I can expect.  I really can’t stress the importance of planners enough, because they are the main reason I’ve been able to keep on top of everything and feel incredibly organized.

And although we’re already halfway through the year, you can usually find  6-month planners as well.

Check out this super cute one I found on Amazon!

You can buy yours here.

7.  Multiple Makeup Bags

Okay, I’m pretty proud of myself on this one, I feel really organized with this little trick. I don’t know how this blessed idea came to me-I think I was watching one of those infomercials about purse organizers (not on purpose). And since I had a couple smaller makeup bags under my bathroom sink, I decided to utilize them so I could keep them in my purse and in a way that was most convenient for me.

The smaller sized makeup bag would be for quick fixes and touch ups for beauty- maybe a travel hairspray, rubberbands, bobby pins, hand lotion, or those blotting sheets we talked about earlier.

The bigger makeup bag I use for feminine products. Tampons, panti-liners, pads, feminine wipes-anything that I, or someone else might need. It’s a great way to stay organized and know exactly what you’re looking for- say goodbye to digging around the bottom of your purse!

Maybe one of your coworkers, that one girl at the gym or just a friend will ask you for ya know and you’ll just whip a tampon out be like “bam, I’m more prepared than you, you should have read Chloe’s blog post.” Just kidding.

BUT, if you like this idea, shop these SUPER CUTE bags below:

To shop, click here 

8. Lint Roller

Lastly on the list, I have a lint roller. Maybe you were hoping for a more exciting ending, and I’m sorry, but these are also an underrated essential to have. ESPECIALLY if you have a pet, I don’t have to tell you that their hair is impossible to pluck out of your clothes.

I’ve always had the philosophy that you’re trying to dress to impress. Not in the shallow way like you only care about your looks, but remember, the way you present yourself and the way you look is the first thing a person sees and first impressions are everything. Being covered in dog hair or lint isn’t exactly screaming neatness.

It’s a small detail, but people notice.

I shared extra sticky lint rollers for you pet owners out there that need all the help with that pesky hair.

You can buy yours Evercare Pet Hair Extra Sticky Lint Roller with 2 Refills 180 Total Sheets“>here.

That’s it for this blog post guys!

I hope you found some helpful tips and enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

I will see you guys next weekend, Happy Sunday!

This has been a chloscall.

Until next time,


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