The Revolutionary Tampon

The Revolutionary Tampon

Let’s face it- that time of the month is never something us girls are excited about.

But imagine if you lived in a place where feminine products were nearly impossible to find-maybe even obsolete altogether. 

This revolutionary tampon you need to know about is incredible. They’re made only with the good stuff-no harmful chemicals. They cost just a little more than a cup of coffee, and the best part? Every time you buy one, another is donated to a woman in need.

Ladies, this is L.

I honestly can’t decide what the best part about these tampons are. The fact that they’re much safe than ordinary tampons, or the fact that they help other women in need.

If you don’t know what I mean by “safe”, then let me tell you more about what exactly is in the current tampons you’re probably using.

Tampons 101

Tampon like products date as far back as ancient Rome.

We’ve been using these for years-no, centuries. So it’s a little baffling to me that in today’s day and age we haven’t updated our “tampon technology” and are still putting harmful chemicals into a product that an average woman uses 11,000 to 16,000 times in their lifetime.

What is typically in a tampon?

A tampon is typically created with a combination of things such as cotton, rayon, and other synthetic fibers. Here’s where it gets scarier: a recent study found that Always pads emitted chemicals like styrene (classified as a carcinogen), chloroethane and chloroform.

Rayon is a synthetic that is made from sawdust. Dioxin, which is most likely also a carcinogen is a byproduct of Rayon.

A scarier thing to consider is the fact that high levels of exposure to such chemicals such as chloroethane can result in lack of muscle coordination and even unconsciousness. If girls are using nearly 16,000 tampons in their life time, they shouldn’t be afraid of health risks because of what dangerous chemicals are found in tampons.

It was also rumored that tampons are contaminated with abestos and dioxin, which can lead to toxic shock syndrome.

I found all this information interesting and really wanted to share it with all you girls out there because we have the right to know what we put in out bodies. Considering these are feminine products, these chemicals can easily find their way into our blood stream and have serious effects as listed above.


Let’s talk about L.

The Backstory: 

L was founded by Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist who worked for Red Cross and the United Nations. Her coverage of women’s lack of access to reproductive rights and the effects of HIV/AIDS on young girls urged her into action. L works with a network of over 2,800 female entrepreneurs and is on track to have donated 50 million health products in 2017 alone.

How serious is the lack of access to these products?

It’s pretty bad, a study found that in Sierra Leone, over 20% of girls miss school because of lack of access to sanitary pads. 3 out of 10 girls in Nepal and Afghanistan miss school for the same reason. Women should NOT have to miss equal opportunities because poor access to health essentials.

” At L., we believe that a period should only end a sentence- and not be the end to education or opportunity.” – This is L

A recent study found that the number one killer of women globally aged 15-44 is AIDS. Another study found that the top reason girls drop out of school is largely attributed to teen pregnancy. Condoms can help prevent both of these issues.

We are all amazing women and creatures of earth. It should not be surprising or taboo to realize that we all have menstrual cycles and a sex drive. L acknowledges this by not only dating tampons and pads, but condoms as well.

2018 and the future to come is becoming more and more female empowered. We are capable of everything, whether that be to equal pay, ending sexual harassment in the workplace, or donating feminine health products to girls, women, and countries in need.

You can be the change. Order today and make a difference.

Shop below:

This is L

This has been a chloscall.

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