May Favorites!

May Favorites!


I’m really excited about this months products, because the fashion is filled with skirts and dresses, and all the beauty products I’ve tried are animal cruelty free! That’s a huge deal to me and matters so much so I’m very excited to share them with you.


1.  Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub (Cruelty Free!)

Back in December, I tried my first ever peony body scrub and I instantly became so obsessed. It left my skin looking so smooth, soft and beautiful! And it smelled like my favorite flower so it was a win win.

Obviously since then, I’ve run out and needed to try something new. I was on Amazon and came across this scrub. I know I had seen a lot in the beauty world about Pink Himalayan Salt so I was eager to try it.

Plus, it was cruelty free which pushed me to buy it.

I think using scrubs and exfoliating is super important.

You might not realize it because I definitely used to overlook it, but once you start exfoliating, you will start seeing a difference almost instantly.

If I need to convince you more, this scrub is only 12$ so it’s literally affordable spa & skin care.

You can buy yours here.

2. Method Body Soap (Cruelty Free!)

I had absolutely no idea that Method made body wash! Where have I been, am I right? Imagine my excitement once I find out that they made a body wash and they have a peony scent!

 It smells flowery and perfect for the season.

I love how much it lathers up and how it leaves my skin feeling.

 You can buy yours for only 7$ here.

3. Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Shampoo & Conditioner (Cruelty Free!)

I had a lot of anticipation built up for this product, because I was seeing it advertised everywhere and was very curious about the product. If you’re looking for a great hair product that works wonders and is really eco-friendly, this is the product you want.

The shampoo bottles are made from recycled plastic, and the product itself is cruelty free, paraben free, dye free and silicone free.

I love the scent and the way it makes my hair feel. I did get the shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, since I had my bayalage treatment back in April.

You can buy your set for under 15$ here.


My Yellow Midi Dress


This dress is so darling, I absolutely love it.

Not only is it perfect for these stunning summer days, it’s modest and sexy at the same time.

With the dress being backless and revealing just hint of cleavage, the femininity is delicate with a splash of va va voom.

And seriously guys, aren’t you getting some Princess Belle vibes here?

Who doesn’t want to feel or look like a princess?

You can shop my dress here, I’m wearing a size small.

Pleated Mini Dress


I’m very tempted to call this look the girly tom boy.

The skirt itself reminds me of a typical skater skirt, however the design is softer, more feminine and will really show off your curves.

The top of the skirt comes up just beneath the bust, and leaves a nice scoop in the back, as pictured above.

The only down side to this skirt is that it does run pretty small; I’m typically a small/medium and I ordered a medium and it’s still just a little snug. So I would recommend ordering 1-2 sizes up then what you would normally wear.

You can shop this skirt here.

The Perfect Athletic Summer Outfit


Ladies, if this is the year you’ve been wanting to get in kick ass shape, then look no further for the cutest workout outfit.

Okay first of all, the leggings have a super cute leafy pattern, and I couldn’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten about how my *ahem* curves look in them.

Second of all, the backless tank! You can’t sit there and tell me that it’s not cute, because it totally is.

It was such a beautiful day, we took Ava to the park and ran around enjoying the sunshine.

Click here to shop my tank, I’m wearing a size small.

And click here to shop my leggings, I’m wearing a medium.

The Modern Retro School Girl


Crop tops aren’t typically my thing.

I’m a very self conscious, modest person so the idea of showing my stomach kind of seems like blasphemy to me.

Just kidding.

But this little top is too cute for words, and after all, it is the best color.

You can get yours by clicking here, I’m wearing a medium (4-6).


Spring Forward! (9)

You guys may remember (cause it was just like last week) a blog post I wrote about these amazing tampons from L.

Basically, they’re made only with the good stuff and each time one is purchased, another is donated to a woman in a developing country who has little access to such necessary items.

You can read all about it, shop, and donate by clicking on this link

The Revolutionary Tampon

That’s it for my May favorites!

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and liked my finds!

Let me know in the comments if you shop my style,

I’d love to see photos and hear what you guys think!

This has been a chloscall.

Until next time,


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