The Coffee Drink for Losing Weight

The Coffee Drink for Losing Weight


Desire for self improvement is never ending.

At least for women.

We obsess over eating healthier, having clearer skin, and of course being as in shape as we so wish to be.

It should also be no surprise that we obsess over coffee.

A recent study found that Americans drink 102 billion cups of coffee annually, breaking it down to 280.5 million cups per day.

On top of that, 66% of women alone drink coffee daily, averaging at nearly 3 cups a day.


And I know those frappucinos are tempting, and it’s easy to want extra caramel or extra flavoring.

But get this-there’s a coffee drink that is believed to help coffee consumers lose weight.

Don’t believe me? Let’s talk about it a little more.

Let me introduce you to Bulletproof, the coffee recipe that has descended from the heavens just so we can have the best of both worlds: coffee and a slimmer figure.


Although this recipe might not be offered at every coffee shop, it’s quite easy to make, let’s take a look at the ingredients:

– 1 cup water

– 2 tbsp coffee

– 1 tbsp grass fed butter

– 1 tbsp coconut oil ( or MCT oil)


How does it work?

Bulletproof coffee triggers weight loss by way of ketosis, a metabolic state triggered by a lack of carbs that kicks fat burning into over drive; it kills pesky cravings; and it boosts cognitive function, providing a shining dose of mental clarity into your foggy morning skull. (fastcompany.com)

How can it benefit me?

                           Bulletproof coffee helps with mental activity and energy levels.  Compared to longer-chain fats, MCTs are digested more quickly and are less likely to get stored into fatty tissue. (mensjournal.com)

I usually make my bulletproof by rolling the butter and coconut oil into a ball, and then throwing it into a blender.  I’ll add however many shots I’d like, an inch of hot water, and blend.

You can also add flavoring or sauces to it if you so desire, I usually add a little white chocolate. It’s important to make sure all the ingredients are blended very well so it’s not chunky or clumpy.

Once you’ve blended it, you can top it off with more hot water, cream or a dash of milk.

It smells heavenly and makes your morning Joe deliciously frothy.

Have you tried bulletproof coffee before?

Let me know below in the comments!

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