Marriage Vacation Book Review

Marriage Vacation Book Review

Assuming that this book is for women who are having a midlife crisis is jumping to conclusions and you need to hold on a sec.

They always say not to judge a book by its cover, so, ya know, don’t.

I’m 23 and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

For those of you who watch the addictive television show Younger,¬† you’ve probably already known about this book for a little while. For those of you who don’t watch the show, let me give you a little description on what this book is about.

Marriage Vacation follows a seemingly perfect couple, Kate and Karl, two wealthy people living in the Upper West Side of New York with their two adorable daughters, Matilda and Isabella.

Karl is the head of a very successful publishing company. Kate is a doting stay at home mom. They have a life others could only dream about. Hosting Lavish parties, meeting celebrities and having access to anything they could possibly need at their fingertips.

Although they seem to live a perfect life, Kate doesn’t feel happy. She questions her sanity, wondering how she could still feel empty while having everything.

But it was her success, or lack there of, that bothered her. After his father passed away, Karl became the new head of the publishing company. Kate was so focused on raising her daughter and Karl’s success that she forgot about her own dreams and aspirations.

She’s attempted to forget about her unhappiness and just be quiet, until now. After a drunken night with old friends from college, Kate unknowingly agrees to fly to Thailand, finally allowing her some alone time to rediscover herself, and most importantly, to write.

Leaving behind her husband, daughters and the privileged life she’s known, Kate enters the depths of a remote jungle, a seemingly alternate universe.

Throughout the twists and turns of her trip and bearing through the agony of abandoning her family, Kate is reminded of simplicity. She befriends quirky locals who inspire her to write and do good for those who are less fortunate.

During her isolated retreat, Kate finally finds her voice, reminding her of the person she was and the the person she has yet to become.

This book was very enjoyable and entertaining to read. Women of all ages will get a kick out of the charming, fun novel. This book is relatable, comforting, and adventurous.

What I really enjoy most about this book is the fact that Kate refuses to live in her husband’s shadow. It doesn’t matter how successful he is, she still wants to be her own person while fulfilling her purpose in the world.

I applaud and admire women who are fiercely independent. Of course we love our partners very much, but we’re still destined to make our mark in this world, never living in someone else’s silly little shadow.

You can buy a copy by clicking here.

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