Catching Up

Catching Up

Hello there!

Although it may seem that I have been absent on here recently, let me assure you that I’m not forgetting about posting on here, or intentionally leaving you hanging.

Quite the contrary.

Last night, Kolani, Ava and I returned home after an 8 day road trip down to California.

(If you’ve been following me on instagram, you’ve seen all the photos).

We drove down to my hometown, the area of San Luis Obispo County. I hadn’t been home in two years, and Kolani has never explored too much of the area so I was very excited to show him around.

We visited San Luis, Monterey, San Francisco, Yreka, and many of the charming cities cuddling the central coast.

Think of my blogging absence as the calm before the storm, because many travel posts and vlogs are headed your way soon, and I am beyond excited to share them with you.

As always, I strongly urge you to follow me on instagram, since I post on there the most frequently! I’ll leave the link again for ya right here.

This has been a chloscall.

Until next time,



P.S. If you want a little something to tie you over, enjoy our latest vlog here, as we explore Deception Pass.

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