Yreka, Ca.

Yreka, Ca.

When crossing the border from Oregon into California, there resides a little town named Yreka. With a population less than eight thousand, many people haven’t heard of this little town.

But for me, it holds a special place in my heart, as I’ve spent many days visiting family here over the course of my lifetime.

On the first day of our road trip, we had a little bit of an inconvenience when our car overheated and we had to pull off to the side of the road for almost an hour. I was getting anxious that it was cutting into our vacation time, but eventually we were able to get back on the road. I missed dinner with a few members of my family, but the following morning I was able to see everyone and go explore the town.


This was the adorable little guest bedroom we stayed in at my cousin’s house. I’d share more photos, but out of respect and privacy I thought it would be most appropriate to show as little as possible. I will say however that I am obsessed with her home. The kitchen/dining area alone is stunning-it pretty much looks like the “after” part on an episode of Fixer Upper.

We started our morning joining my Aunt for breakfast at this delicious new Mexican restaurant, KeTacos. It was a ridiculously delicious breakfast, if you’re in the area I would highly recommend trying this spot. Kolani and I still can’t stop raving about it!

I ordered a delicious chilaquiles that I STILL day dream about.



After breakfast, we went for a beautiful mile walk around a lake. It was a gorgeous morning, the heat hanging in the low seventy degree weather. We came across geese, deer, and other corgis!




The last time I had been in Yreka was two years ago, when I was beginning my journey moving up to Washington.

I loved that Kolani and I were able to plan a trip down. For the longest time, we couldn’t decide if we wanted to fly down or drive down; there were pro’s and con’s for both. Flying down might be a little pricier, and we would have to save up for plane tickets and get someone to watch Ava. But with driving down, (which I’m so glad we did) we were able to bring Ava, stop and see family, and sight see.

Many people have told me that a long road trip with your significant other is the ultimate relationship test, and although the journey tried to take its toll on us, we still remained eager for adventure.

Our stay in Yreka was brief but wonderful. Kolani met more of my amazing family, and it was a great time spent laughing, reminiscing and an awful lot of talking about haunted Victorian style houses.

The following afternoon upon our arrival, our car had been all fixed up at the local mechanic and we were read to take off.

It was just the beginning of our trip and in just 10 hours, we would be in my hometown.


This has been a chloscall.

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