Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach

It’s kind of funny, what people say is true. You don’t always appreciate things until they’re gone and you’ve lived without them. In this sense, I’m referring to my hometown in the San Luis Obispo County.

It was very odd to me, to be back in the area. Don’t get me wrong, I was very excited to show Kolani around and show him all the cool spots I loved when I lived there. But it was still odd. I never really imagined I would be returning, let alone visiting anytime soon.

I definitely appreciated the area much more when I was visiting. You take things for granted, especially when you’re young, and upon my visit, I realized just how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful place. It was actually fun to play tourist, even though I had lived there for twenty plus years. It was cool being able to see things through Kolani’s eyes.



The beaches on the central coast are beautiful, with the soft sand, dreamy piers and fun beach activities in between. If you go to the beaches early in the morning, including the popular Pismo Beach, you’ll beat the crowd, but you’ll have to deal with the marine layer.




See how the ocean blends in with the sky? Yep, that’s the marine layer folks. While it is a temporary burden for tourists, it soon burns off in the early afternoon, leaving behind the gorgeous weather that everyone drives out here for.




Ava became a total beach corgi. There are plenty of beaches up here in Washington, but we hardly have the sunshine let alone the soft sand to enjoy like in Pismo. Ava absolutely loved the sand, and the smaller waves. She’s sitting here watching Kolani boogie board in the distance.

We took a small break from lounging on the beach to explore downtown Pismo. I had to show Kolani all the unique and fun places that made Pismo, well Pismo.




I took Kolani to Pancho’s, a popular surf shop right by the beach. We looked around, scoping out the attire and all things surf. Before Pancho’s, I took him to Moondoggies, another surf shop that is THE surf shop of Pismo and the Central Coast. Moondoggies has been around since the mid 80’s and pretty much defines the surfer look in the 805. Everyone goes to moondoggies to buy sweatshirts, tees, hats, etc.




There are a handful of little tourist shops that you can easily walk through all right before the pier. These are extremely touristy shops, but still fun to walk through nonetheless. We even found this cute little sign with Ava’s name on it, but ended up putting it back. I squealed when I found it though, it was too perfect.




Another cool and quirky place to see in Pismo is Hotlix. A tiny little candy shop for all taste preferences, Hotlix certainly has a wonderful blend of traditional and unique candy. What it’s most known for is the wide collection of candied bugs and insects. You can get lollipops with scorpions, chocolate dipped crickets, etc. My Aunt always gets a kick out of this place, and I can remember back in middle school when the boys would try to look cool and tough by being dared to actually eat one of them. Oh, how those were such simpler times.




Another spot I HAD to take Kolani too was Hot Shots, a generously sized billiard room and bar. Kolani loves to play pool, (we actually played a couple games on our first date). This place has a wonderful relaxed and youthful atmosphere. There are various arcade games throughout the room, but pool is the main attraction.

There were other places we saw, but didn’t take any photos of. I still strongly recommend them so here they are:

Inn at the Pier Rooftop Bar– This is a brand new hotel with a rooftop bar right in downtown Pismo. We went here on a double date with an old friend of mine and had a wonderful time! I try to take as many photos as I can for my blog posts, but this was a fun night we had, cell phone free. I did manage to post some things on my instagram stories, which is all the more reason to follow me, if ya know what I mean.

Pismo Bowl– Right across the street from Hot Shots, this place is full of arcade games and of course, bowling. I’ve had a few birthdays here, and although it’s mainly directed towards kids, it’s still fun to play skeeball and air hockey and act like I’m ten again, even if it’s for ten minutes.

(Footage of the Pismo Bowl will be featured in an upcoming vlog).

Wooly’s– This restaurant and bar was opened after I moved. I saw many of my friends from back home posting about it, so I figured if we had the opportunity, to try and eat there! BONUS: the patio is dog friendly as well, which made me even more excited to try it. We managed to get a seat on the patio on an absolutely beautiful day. After we got our table, Kolani waited in line to order. There was a line out the door just to order your food so I was happy we got the table first. I posted some photos on my instagram story of this place as well. We ordered pulled pork street tacos and carne asada fries, and they were to die for. I definitely recommend this place, especially if you want to bring your little furbaby along!

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