Arroyo Grande

Arroyo Grande

You know those little farm towns that seem to be scattered throughout random cities all over? I’m sure you do. On the central coast, there’s a small town called Arroyo Grande, and that’s our little farm land. Arroyo Grande, or as the locals call it “AG” (referred to as a nickname, and conveniently AG for Agriculture), is a small but charming little area.


I previously went to high school at in this town, had my first job in this town, etc. Pretty much a lot of growing up here. Because the town is so small, there isn’t a whole lot to see, but I knew the top places I had to show Kolani.

Okay, I have to talk about this place for a minute. I took Kolani out for breakfast at McLintocks, the place where I had my very first job. This is your traditional and cliche steak house, with enough taxidermy and country music that you may begin to question why you chose a place like this to eat at. I could (obviously) be a little biased, but this place does have incredible food. This is the second time Kolani and I have traveled to California together, and it seems to me that a tradition in the making is Kolani ordering as many steaks as he can before we leave. If the food doesn’t win you over (it will) then the cocktails and servers will. I worked at this place for 4 1/2 years, and to this day I still keep in touch with all the servers. All of those ladies were like sisters and moms to me, they watched me grow up.

(These are a few photos I have of my McLintocks family, taken in 2015).


After Kolani and I had breakfast, we walked around the main part of downtown Arroyo Grande, better known as the village. I pointed out all the old favorite places; the best burger spot, a coffee shop I used to work at, etc. One of the main attributes AG is known for is the roosters. I don’t think I even know exactly why they’re there, but the village is occupied with many roosters. Since Kolani loves birds so much, I knew this was something he’d have to see. (There’s a rooster on the fence above Kolani’s head, if you look closely).



On our last night there, I took Kolani to the Mason Bar, one of my favorite spots to have a cocktail and enjoy the evening. It was a new hot spot in town right before I moved away, and I’m absolutely in love with design and interior inside, so we just had to go. The Mason Bar adds a touch of rustic hipster flair to the otherwise old timey farm town. If you’re visiting the area and going out with friends, I would definitely recommend this place. It has a youthful, fun atmosphere without being too over the top, especially for those who don’t particularly like being social.


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