Avila Beach & San Luis Obispo

Avila Beach & San Luis Obispo

Ah yes, two of my favorite places in the San Luis Obispo County. Although I don’t have as many photos for this post, I think you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. First things first.

Avila Beach

I knew I was going to show Kolani around Avila Beach because it was my favorite beach of the five cities when I lived there. It’s quiet, relaxing, and much more enjoyable in my opinion than the others. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, it just depends what kind of mood you’re in. If you want to see and do tourist related things than Pismo Beach is what you want. But, on the other hand, if you’re just trying to relax on a quieter ocean front, then that would be Avila.



The photo above was taken at one of my favorite places in Avila Beach, the Sycamore Springs Spa. It is without a doubt one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. The atmosphere and location itself is so dreamy. I wanted to go back just for my sake, but I knew Kolani would enjoy it as well, and he did, because we went back at least three times while we were there.

To soak in the spa for an hour, it’s 15$ per person. Not bad, right? The representatives at the counter will ask you if you’d like to be higher or lower. Now let me explain. Soaking in these mineral springs is like soaking in a hot tub that is in a tree house. It’s always nice to walk up to the higher tubs; more privacy, more quiet, and you’re higher up in the trees.

It’s a little (very little) walk/hike to get to a tub, and once you give the representative your preference, they select a tub and provide you with a map. They go over the map and tell you how to get to your tub, and also circle the return time for when you need to come back. Towels are free, and you can even purchase a scent for only 1$ to enjoy in your tub! This place is wonderful and never disappoints, I would highly recommend coming here.

Book your stay here.


Another one of my favorite spots is Port San Luis, located on the outer parts of  Avila Beach. The best (in my opinion) part about this beach is the fact that it is dog friendly! We took Ava there a couple times and she absolutely loved it. She met so many pups, played in the water, and ran around on the sand. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this, but I have a tons of videos on my Instagram, which is obviously all the more reason to follow me on there.

Lastly, for Avila, I’d have to include a fun lunch spot and bar. We went to Mr. Rick’s for cocktails and a couple burgers. They have a generous outdoor patio area and let us bring Ava outside with us. The drinks were savory and the food was delicious, besides, you can’t beat the gorgeous view  of the ocean with the warm sun radiating on your shoulders. Such. Heaven.

Check out their menu here.


San Luis Obispo

The mother town of them all, sweet San Luis Obispo. Better known, to the locals, as SLO. Thursday nights in SLO are pretty much the best nights to go into town. This is the evening they put on a Farmer’s Market, and everyone goes. Especially students; once orientation has commenced for CalPoly, forget it. There will be so many college students swarming the streets on youthful nights like this. There’s live music, street food, bounce houses, and more.


The Madonna Inn is one of the most popular attractions on the central coast.  There’s multiple reasons why this particular place has been so popular over the years- the overboard pink theme and decorations, the incredible cakes made fresh in the bakery, or the waterfall urinals in the men’s restroom. Who knows! This place is so fun to stop and see, plus think of all the photo opportunities in here!

For more photos and info, click here.


I would absolutely eat this photo if I could, although I would prefer just the actual sandwich. Hight St. Deli in downtown San Luis has some of the best sandwiches I think I’ve ever had. This is the spring mix, my fave (no cucumbers). There’s usually a line out the door, with hungry CalPoly students eagerly waiting. If you go during the slower hours, you should definitely sit inside and take a look around. Although the deli is extremely small, it’s filled with so much character that each customer, including you would appreciate.

To see the menu, click here.

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