Ava’s First Birthday

Ava’s First Birthday

As many of you know by now, it’s been nearly a year so we’ve brought home our little pup Ava. We’re still so in love and excited to see her like we were the first day we met her. 

Although we brought her home at a mere seven weeks old on October 12th, her actual birthday is August 25th. The first time we met Ava, she was only 5 days old. Because she is the first puppy either of us have had, and because we’ve seen so many big milestones with her already, we had to celebrate her birthday since we knew when it was!


This was Ava snoozing in her party hat after her first birthday treat in the morning. I think she knew she had a long but fun day ahead of her, so she had a little power nap.


Once we made our way out of the house, I took her to get a puppiccino at Starbucks, because they’re in her list of top favorite things/treats.

(a puppiccino is whip cream in an eight ounce cup, for those of you who don’t know, and it’s completely free!)



After Starbucks, I took her on a brief walk, then we headed to Petco. I let her pick out her own toy, and we ended up leaving with this cute little zebra. Honestly, it was the cutest thing to watch. I suggested a couple of toys to her, let her sniff them and see what she liked. She ended up dragging this one of the shelf and became obsessed. Just look how proud she is with her new little pal.



We spent the day indoors and outdoors, but my little lovebug slept a lot of the day, because of all the attention and love she was getting. She’s messing around with her new zebra here, having a ball. I was doing the dishes and turned around to find her knocked out on the couch snuggling her new toy. My heart was so full.


I also made her dog friendly peanut butter cupcakes which she devoured in almost one bite. You can check out her birthday video on my instagram page! (there’s a link to the bottom right of this page).

Here are a few baby pictures to celebrate Ava:



Happy Birthday Ava! We love you so much!

This has been a chloscall.

Until next time,


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