Latest Videos: What to Watch

Latest Videos: What to Watch

If you’ve been watching my latest videos on YouTube, you know that I’ve been posting  less frequently.
I had mentioned it previously in another post stating that Kolani and I have gone back to school, which we’re very excited about. Along with school, we’re also working (duh) so it’s been a bit harder to find time to go out and film, let alone edit which is extremely time consuming.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love it. Even though it’s stressful sometimes, I’m really passionate about it and it makes me very happy to create enjoyable content for you guys. Just like writers block, there’s vlogging blocks, if that makes any sense. There’s times where I’ll go through a dry spell and not have any idea of what to film. Typically when I feel this way, it’s mainly because there’s nothing “exciting” going on in our life. During the day, I’m just your average joe; working, studying and catching up on Bob’s Burgers.

Currently, we’re taking our camera with us whenever we’re doing something festive or fun to film for vlogtober. I’m really excited about the end result of this video; it’s seemingly going to be a mashup of all of our October activities.

I also have a VERY exciting video planned out that I would like to film with Kolani, we’re just waiting to find the right time when we’re both home and have time to film.  I previously mentioned in another post that Kolani and I are going on a VERY exciting trip in December!

We will be going out of the country, and I wanted to do a joint video together to tell you where we’re going and, if you’ve been there, ask for recommendations! We’re going to two counties neither of us have been to before, and I’m honestly so excited to go and experience the customs, but also film and take photos. It’s going to be magical.

In the meantime, until Vlogtober is done and posted, I thought I would share my recent YouTube videos for you all to watch and catch up on! I used to do short and sweet little blog posts on new videos, but I haven’t done that in a while. If you guys want me to continue doing that again, let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy our videos, and subscribe for Vlogtober! 🙂

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