Pack With Me

Pack With Me
Shop my style and all the essentials I’m packing for our upcoming trip!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. For today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you my fashion finds that I’ll be bringing on our trip to Tonga & New Zealand. From dresses to accessories, I’m excited to show you all what I got!  Let’s get started. 

The Modest Flirty Dress

I picked out this super cute dress in a light blue, small size. It’s modest, simple and beyond adorable. I figured I could wander around in it with my white converse while exploring the island. On top of how cute the dress is, it’s only $17! Click the image above to shop now. 

Must Have Overalls

I also bought these ridiculously cute overalls in a dark wash, size small. These are perfect for an adventure day out around the island. They’re playful enough to the point where they’ll still be cute even if you scrape your knees a little while out and about. Click the photo to shop these overalls, only 30$!

Blast From the Past

Although this swimsuit is super cute, I opted out for the Navy Blue Polkadot bikini in a size medium. I got a size medium and love the way it looks and feels. I feel much more confident in a high waisted swimsuit, and I love the retro vibes from this bikini. It looks adorable and I feel great in it! Click the photo above to shop the swimsuit, it comes in over 20 different colors and patterns, and it’s only 28$!

Adorable Floral

Okay I’m kind of obsessed with how fantastic the swimsuit makes my curves look! It’s feminine and sexy without being over the top. Definitely recommend this cute 29$ bikini! Click the photo to shop, other colors available too.

Classic White Sneaker

I purchased a pair of classic white sneakers for multiple reasons. Similarly to the little black dress, I believe every girl needs a pair of classic white sneakers. They’re underrated, but really add a nice touch to any outfit; whether it be a modern flirty dress or playful overalls. Shop your pair by clicking on the photo, under 40$!

The Slip On

I bought these slides/sandals this summer before our trip to San Luis, and I literally wore them until it was too cold to have my toes out in Washington. They’re comfy, they’re cute, and they’re Steve Madden so you know they’re well made. I got an 8 in the color black. Shop now by clicking the photo.

What was your favorite item in this post? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! Like this post if you enjoyed! This has been a chloscall. See you all next time! -Chloe

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