Exploring Tonga

Exploring Tonga

Tonga is probably the lesser traveled to vacation spot when one thinks of an “island getaway”. Given, the island isn’t exactly designed with tourists in mind.

The whole reason we were going out to Tonga in the first place was to attend a family reunion, where everyone of the extended Tongan family was celebrating the election of Kolani’s great uncle into the supreme court.

Off we go!

On our first day there, we were immediately in shock from the humidity of the island. Living in Washington, it’s easy to assume we don’t get a lot of heat here, let alone the intense humidity we experienced. Also, we had just been on a plane for about 15 hours all together. We were hot, exhausted, and in desperate need of a good shower and cooler weather.

We rested at the Waterfront Lodge in Nuku’alofa during our stay in Tonga. I felt extremely grateful for this hotel, since it had incredible ac to battle the humidity. It was a simple but cute little lodge located within walking distance of the ocean.

Resting at the lodge.

Obviously, we did a lot off exploring. Because Tonga is such a small island, we were able to explore a great deal of it. Between places to eat and beaches to see, we were able to get a true feeling of the Tongan culture.

Exploring downtown Nuku’alofa.
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The big family reunion dinner (albeit, the luau) was held at the Vakaloa Resort, a great spot with stunning views of the beach. We braved the strong ocean winds to get this great photo pictured below.

Kolani & I pre-feast. Look at that ocean!

Throughout all our exploring, there was plenty of great food consumption. I’ll list all my favorite food spots at the end of this post. One of my favorite little places we ventured out to were these gorgeous blowholes.

Mapu’a Vaea Blowholes

This place was stunning, I’m sure you got a great look at it too in our latest vlog. If you haven’t seen the Tonga video yet, don’t worry I’ll link it below. I listed all the places we saw or visited in the description box of the vlog, since we didn’t take photos everywhere we went.

As for food spots, here were some of our favorite places:

Holty’s Hideaway http://www.holtyshideaway.com/ (Also has the PERFECT beach to lazily swim in, it’s featured in the vlog!)

Friend’s Cafe http://www.friendstonga.com/ (the most charming little spot right in downtown Nuku’alofa!)

Tanoa International Dateline Hotel https://www.tanoadateline.com/ (the yummiest burgers & fries!)

To watch our full Tonga Travel Vlog, click here!! https://youtu.be/4K-XeEqCpbw

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That’s going to be it for today’s blog post! Which spot are you dying to see in Tonga? Let me know in the comments below!

This has been a chloscall. Until next time, Chloe.

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