Sharing Compassion

Sharing Compassion

Hello readers, welcome back! For today’s r&r post, I’ll be discussing a revelation I’ve had. It’s not really a ranting post, but focusing on the realization of getting over myself a little bit.

I’d also like to inform you that a majority of these r&r posts come from a tedious beginning to a night shift at a little coffee stand in the lobby of a college. It’s pretty much like I’m so desperate for any type of conversation that I turn to my little keyboard and pretend like we’re having this conversations in person. Fortunately for you, I will not including a photo of the said lobby where the coffee shop I work in is located, as the image would be empty and distressing.

So I’m standing here looking outside the window, watching the cars pass by this building as I countdown the hours until I’ll be more stimulated. Good news is, Leon Bridges just came on my spotify station. If you haven’t listened to his music yet, you really should, he’s a gem.

Anyways, I’m thinking about how I’m looking forward to my regular evening customers coming in, so we can talk about how we wasted our weekends and how our cars continue to stress us out because of the funky noises they make.

Then, it dawns on me. When did I ever become so content with small talk? I used to not give two shits about someone’s day, and a long time in customer service will do that to you. I would always try to get the customer in and out, so they can carry on about their afternoon. I think that was retail training as well, because especially during the holiday season, it is strongly encouraged that we get through customers as quickly as possible for more sales.

I’ve also worked in the food industry, and while retail and food have different types of customers, they can all rear their ugly heads. But this job is different.

I’m genuinely interested and genuinely care about the people I make coffee for, and seemingly so, the feeling is mutual. I’ve come to find that it’s extremely satisfying to to legitimately relate to others, or your peers.

We’re all going through similar but different things. We’re only in our 20’s and we have so many stories to share of defeat, encouragement and perseverance.

Like I said I used to be the girl that would tediously fold sweaters into paper bags while customers complained to me about coupon limitations.

Now, I’m asking people questions like how their cat is doing, how that date went, how their lecture presentation is coming. It’s kind of crazy, but this little growth is something I think I desperately needed before I became completely cynical. It also restores faith in humanity for me.

One of the scariest things nowadays in this big old world is to feel alone. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the weight of the world and the ugliness in it, it’s the most refreshing thing in the world to laugh along with someone who is just as fed up as you.

This laughter is liberating, because it reassures you that although things can be overwhelming, it will be alright. And continuing to keep pushing on is much better than the alternative, (giving up).

That’s just one of my little thoughts/epiphanies of the day. Faith and growth within yourself is just as important as within others.

This has been a chloscall.

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Until next time, Chloe.

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