a Snow Day in Wonderland

a Snow Day in Wonderland

It’s no mystery by now that the United States has encountered some tough weather this year. With the polar vortex in the mid west and the snowmageddon in Washington, I was among the people suffering from cabin fever that were hit by the delayed winter wonderland mornings, (and the other less romanticized effects by the storms).

Luckily, even though we got a decent amount of snow in the city, we weren’t completely snowed in. Given, today was my first day driving in nearly three weeks. I have a twenty year old ford focus that’s on its last legs, and I wasn’t going to scare it with the snow. Especially since I’m from California and don’t have any experience driving in the snow.

We had a decent amount of snow days, and did the best we could each day by braving the storm and playing in the snow until our toes and fingers felt like they were going to fall right off.

Like I said, I don’t have a ton of familiarity with snow. Growing up living on the beach in California, it was never really an issue. I’ve had a couple Washington winters now, but this one takes the cake for me so far. It affected everyone- school was closed, work was cancelled, businesses were closed, it was almost like a horror movie to be honest, the city was so deserted.

But there were the days we got up early just to take Ava, try to sled or even snowboard, and it was so much fun. Ava absolutely adores the snow, it was the cutest thing to watch her hop around in it.

Here are some photos from our various snow days:

trying not to grow up, not completely.
lookin at them mighty fine tall trees drenched in snow.
a kid at heart.
did my first successful snow angel, while also doing ava a confuse.
out exploring.
just stunning.
ava’s first time on a swing.
let’s get lost together.
love her so much.

Want to see more snow day fun? Take a peek at my snow day vlog:

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