Adventuring in New Zealand

Adventuring in New Zealand

Whenever I’ve discussed traveling with other people, they’ve all mentioned how they’ve had this longing desire to go to New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to go, but for some reason it wasn’t at the top of my list like it was everyone else’s. I blame Europe and all it’s romantic magnificence for blinding me.

But after going there and experiencing the Kiwi life, I finally understood. Not only is New Zealand beautiful, but the people are ridiculously friendly. There is such a unique balance of country and city life that there’s a place for everyone there. There’s so many things to do and see, it really actually reminded me of Washington in a way.

Each morning, Kolani & I would get up early, hop into our rental car, and head to the closest Starbucks. We needed the extra caffeine from all the traveling. It wasn’t just for the coffee though. There is something so peaceful about watching a city slowly wake up and be lively.

our morning coffee run.

The first place we explored was a little park that was down the hill from our Airbnb in Glendowie, called the Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve. It was a beautiful little walk for the both of us, there were dozens of birds, small ponds, and incredible views at the end of the little hike.

a little chlo in a big world.

We actually went on this little hike on Christmas Day. It was such a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays.

christmas selfie in new zealand.

Along with exploring, something we both quickly fell in love with was riding the electric scooters. And we rode them everywhere when we could, it was seriously the best way to get around. We felt like kids again, zooming around Auckland on these bad boys.

albert park.
heading into auckland for the first time.

We also did a lot of exploring in Rotorua, including zip lining and hiking. I hadn’t been zip lining since I was in elementary school and it was so much fun (and insanely beautiful) to do it in New Zealand! The tour guides for this group were some of the sweetest ladies, it was such a fun experience!

I’m actually kind of terrified in this photo. Look how narrow the ledge is!
this was my favorite line because we could race each other!

We also couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to see the glowworm caves! It was a little surreal to be that far under the ground in brief moments of incredible darkness. Didn’t know if I was going to make it, but I think I did alright. The caves were pretty cold, but the history was worth it.

made it to the end!
the best photo I could get of the glowworms.

We drove around the island one day with no real set destination. We stumbled across this beach and I fell in love with New Zealand all over again.

in love with this beach bum.

To check out more from our New Zealand trip, check out the video below & don’t forget to subscribe! There’s a teaser at the end for our next video, I can’t wait to share it!

This has been a chloscall. Until next time, Chloe.

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