The Cutest Book Store

The Cutest Book Store

Walking in downtown Snohomish, I’m reminded of a similar looking town, such as Stars Hollow.

It’s your typical cliche vision of a small town you always read about or see in less popular B-movies. There’s antique shops, taverns, and plenty of (rumored to be) haunted buildings. There’s a lovely river walk, and funky street art.

I spent the morning there with my friends Sam, a Snohomish native, who was more than happy to show me around. We grabbed breakfast, went antiquing, and window shopped at the cute but overpriced boutiques.

Our last stop of the morning happened to be our favorite. We stumbled across Uppercase Book Shop, and old book store in a new location. Walking up to the shop, our hearts fluttered at the sight of a tiny log style cabin at the back of a big empty parking lot.

Upon entering the book shop, we swooned. The shop was filled with books, art, and most importantly, character. We peered around every aisle of books, admiring all the book art and little book sculptures that clung to the walls.

Then, we went to the second floor.

We climbed an enchanted looking staircase bedazzled in twinkly lights. With all the magical ambiance, it was giving me major Harry Potter vibes.

Once we climbed the stairs and turned the corner, we discovered the dreamiest cozy nook. This where I’m going to spam you with drool worth/book lovers ideal Instagram spot for photo ops.

is this upside down or right side up?
an anxious book bird.
cozy reading nook goals.
imagining having a library like this one in my future home.
in a happy place.

Sam ended up walking away with a stunning vintage book that had a gorgeous teal and pink hard cover. I left empty handed, but something tells me I’ll be back again very soon.

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This has been a chloscall, until next time, Chloe.

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