My Travel Bucket List

My Travel Bucket List

My mind is like a globe that is constantly spinning, looking for new destinations to see around the world.

To ease my my mind that’s constantly running wild, I came to the conclusion that documenting a digital bucket list was an absolute must. Although life can get crazy and chaotic, I don’t ever want to lose sight of my dreams, or where I’m dreaming to go.

So here is my constantly growing bucket list of things I’d love to see and do in this lifetime:

-Spend a Christmas in New York

-See the Grand Canals in Italy

-Find Tulips in Amsterdam

-Go Camping in Banff, Canada

-Do all the touristy things in London

-Visit Reykjavik in Iceland

-See the Sagrada Familia in Spain

-Visit friends in Sweden

-See the snow in Switzerland

-Explore the beaches of Greece

-Have a romantic trip to Hawaii with Kolani

-Eat lobsters and see lighthouses in Maine

-Eat ALL the food and hear ALL the music in New Orleans

-Go to the Dean Martin festival in Ohio

-Check out the Overlook Hotel in Colorado

-Go hiking in Alaska

-Go back to Paris, always go back to Paris

This list will continue to grow as I continue to dream. Check back soon for updates, and click the link below to watch my other travel videos! 🙂

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