Our New House

Our New House

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! For today’s post, I will finally be sharing all the details on our move into our new house!

I know I’ve teased it here and there, but I’m excited to finally sit down and write all this out for you. So basically, next month in June, we will be moving into Kolani’s parents former home.

As I’ve mentioned before, Kolani is going to school full time to pursue mechanical engineering, and as part of an agreement with his parents, we’re able to live in their old house as long as we have it renovated and updated by the time Kolani graduates which is about three years.

We’re really looking forward to this opportunity as it presents a fun adventure for the next chapter in our lives. Some demo work has already taken place, like ripping up floors and taking out a wall.

There’s so much that we’re excited about, between the move, leaving a studio apartment, but most importantly, that our sweet Ava pup will have a backyard of her own.

You can hear about all the details and what we’re planning on doing in my latest vlog, which I will link down below.

Like this blog post and follow along if you’re excited for more house renovation content! So excited to share this process with you all.

Until next time, Chloe.

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