Dining at Pike Place | Food with Roots Pop Up Dinner

Dining at Pike Place | Food with Roots Pop Up Dinner

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! This past weekend, Kolani and I went to Seattle, because we were invited to a private pop up dinner at Pike Place!

We were so excited to head out there, have a date day and support our friend, Riley Reinecke.

Kolani has been friends with Riley since high school, and around that same time was when he discovered his passion for cooking. He has since launched his own catering company, Food With Roots, and we were more than thrilled to be able to support him at one of his first pop up dinner events.

Obviously we were excited for the food, and the event, but I think it’s also just one of the greatest feelings ever to support someone who is so passionate about something. I know as a blogger, whenever I get the littlest amount of support or encouragement my heart flutters at the reassurance that I should continue to pursue this. Let’s face it, even though we can be extremely passionate about things, there will always be those times where you question the path you’ve chosen because you become overwhelmed and don’t know if it’s worth it in the long run. There are so many feelings that surround the development of who you are becoming.


The event started with everyone sipping wine, socializing and lingering around the kitchen to see what Riley had up his sleeve for the dinner.

Given, we had already seen the menu beforehand, so we did know what we would be eating, but we don’t have the imaginations that chefs do, so finally seeing the food is a whole other experience on its own.

First up we had this delicious London Plane bread, paired with colorful fruits, red pepper jam, toasted almonds, Italian sea salt, roasted rainbow vegetables, and whole grain mustard. What isn’t pictured is the incredible hummus Riley shared with us. It was delicious that Kolani got some tin foil so we could enjoy it at home! I don’t want to neglect any of the other foods in this first course, however, because each bite was an adventure. The plate had all tastes; sweet, salty, sour, it was a great first course.

For the second course, we had sesame crusted wild caught never frozen copper river salmon, with a honey-miso reduction, seared cucumber, atop a wild blackberry salad. I was able to get some decent audio in the vlog I did, which I’ll link below, of Riley explaining his process of creating this dish. The balance between the salmon flavor and the tart flavor of the blackberries kept this course unpredictable, as you never had just one flavor to enjoy, but multiple.

The third course had Wagyu beef with a Rainier cherry demi glaze, frisee salad with red lentils, pickled apples, and caramelized corn. Okay, so Kolani and I are huge carnivores so we were both really looking forward to this course, but let me tell you, it surpassed me expectations. This beef cut like butter and was ridiculously tender, and don’t even get me started on the cherry demi glaze, it was absolutely delicious and unreal. I think that the only, honest, “negative” thing I have to say about this entire experience, was this salad. It wasn’t particularly my taste so I wasn’t too crazy about it, but don’t let my opinion of a side salad deter you from the rest of this luxurious food.

Sadly, our dinner is coming to an end, but a sweet end, with course four. Presented here is Not Your Mom’s Chocolate Cake, a unique twist on your average cupcake, but a great twist indeed. Not Your Mom’s Chocolate Cake is made with Chef Tarik Abdullah’s Seattle Chocolate bar, and topped with a Rosemary infused buttercream frosting. The cupcake was perfectly rich, and the frosting complimented the richness with more of a slight subtle flavor, nothing over powering.

Overall, this experience was fantastic (obviously), and I would encourage anyone in the Seattle area to look out for Food With Roots.

If you’d like to check out the vlog from that evening, click the link below:


I’ll see you guys in the next blog post, thanks for stopping by!

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