weekly adventure: bark in the park

weekly adventure: bark in the park

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first weekly adventure! At the end of each week, I will be sharing whatever weekly adventure occurred earlier that week. This could range from days in Seattle, new dog parks, food photo diaries, and so much more. So make sure you sign up for email alerts and follow me along on the blog, because you never know what the upcoming weekly adventure will be!

A few weeks ago, Kolani and I took Ava to her, (and our) first ever Bark in the Park with the Mariners! A few days during the summer, the Seattle Mariners host an event called Bark in the Park, where you can bring your pup with you to the baseball game!

It was a pretty fun experience and I’m looking forward to telling you guys all about it. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Neither Kolani or I had been to a baseball game in a VERY long time. So I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about seeing one again. I feel like it’s such a cliche summer activity to do, but such a fun one to do with the family.

Upon arriving, Ava was very overwhelmed. She saw pups everywhere, she was in a new place, and she was just oozing with excitement. Kolani had to settle her down a little before we entered TMobile Park, because she was barking just a bit too much, and we didn’t want to give any bad impressions.

After we finally found our seats, Ava settled down more and took in all the sights of the park.

I was surprised on how calm she was throughout the game. There were of course other dogs, but none of them were seated right next to us so she was able to relax and enjoy the evening. Although, that didn’t stop her from begging from nearby game goers for bite of their hot dog.

I will say though, that finding our seats were a bit of a challenge. We had a general idea of where we were going, but there were no signs, no staff, no indication of which seats were on which floor, etc. So that was an annoying factor to this night.

After we settled into our seats with Ava, Kolani went to grab some snacks and drinks for us before the game started. Ava loved laying on the cool cement, and I was so happy that the Bark in the Park coordinators had organized the seating for your pups to be in the shaded area of the stadium, because it was definitely a hot summer day.

Like I mentioned before, neither of has had been to a baseball game in quite sometime, so we were a little surprised to realize how long baseball games can drag on for. We were getting a little chilly, but nothing bad. Ava was sitting by our feet, between us, staring up at us with very happy, but very sleepy eyes.

We almost called it and went home early, but after the game is over, you are able to take your pup down to the field and have them walk around as part of Bark in the Park! We kept deliberating whether or not we were actually going to stay and do this. But ultimately, we decided to stay, since we didn’t see ourselves going to another game anytime soon.

Ava perked up once we started taking her down to the field, she absolutely loved walking around the bases with all the other pups. I did manage to vlog it a little bit, but unfortunately, no photos, because the staff there has a strong, “do not stop to take photos” rule. (I’ll link the vlog below for you guys to watch!)

After that was all done, we finally headed back to our car, and drove home. Ava crashed in the car as we were driving, and I thought it was the most precious thing ever. She was like a worn out kid who just had the best summer day ever.

I would do it all over again just for a smile on her little face.

Did you guys like this week’s adventure? Let me know down in the comments below, and tell me what you’d want next week’s adventure to be! I’ll see you guys in the next one,


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