weekly adventure: brunching at bistro 76

weekly adventure: brunching at bistro 76

Hello everyone and welcome back! For this week’s weekly adventure, I’m going to share with you the lovely brunch I had with my mom, sister, and niece at Bistro 76 in Perrinville.

I don’t know if I would technically classify myself as a foodie, but like any other sane person I get excited when someone mentions things like “let’s grab brunch,” or “how do tacos sound?” (Side note, I’m always in the mood for brunch or tacos, because obviously). And I’ve even forewarned Kolani that if I were to deny either of these things, then something would be terribly wrong with me.

Anyways, since I adore dining out and I thought this place was wonderfully charming, I figured I pop on here and tell you guys all about it.

Bistro 76 is the cutest little hole in the wall spot. Although I didn’t get any photos of the exterior of the building ( I know, I know, I’m sorry), you can still probably get a feel for the cuteness of this place with these photos:

I just love little places like these, they add so much character to a town or city. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cheesecake Factory as much as the next person (hellooooo avocado egg rolls), but I love finding unique, one of a kind spots like this one.

Like I mentioned earlier Bistro 76 is located in Perrinville which is roughly about 20-30 minutes north of Seattle. Seattle is a wonderful city and I’m obsessed with it, but if you really want to see Washington, don’t be afraid to branch out and see what else the state has to offer. Imagine stumbling upon a little place like this?

It was my first day off on my little staycation, so the first thing I had to ask our server (obviously) was “do you guys have mimosas?”

And don’t be troubled by the two glasses, my sister and I both ordered one.

Because I’m such a creature of habit, I headed straight towards the “classic breakfasts” section of the menu and, without fail, ordered myself eggs benedict.

It did not disappoint, and the potatoes were exceptionally seasoned. I devoured this in an impressive amount of time.

As we were heading out, I noticed that the patio outdoor appeared to be dog friendly which I added to my favoritism towards this restaurant.

Did you enjoy this week’s weekly adventure? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow along here on the blog for upcoming adventures! Talk to you guys in the next one,


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