weekly adventure: a dog friendly day

weekly adventure: a dog friendly day

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! For this week’s weekly adventure, I’m going to share with you all the dog friendly day I shared with Ava.

One of the coolest dog parks I have found so far in Washington has to be Marymoor Dog Park in Redmond. It’s one of Ava’s favorites, at a whopping 40 acres, where dogs can roam free, and swim in the ponds, (although Ava is’t much of a swimmer).

Ava loves all of the insane freedom and space she gets. She’s always at her happiest when she’s at a dog park, but Marymoor is something special.

It was a scorching day at the park, so we made it a semi quick trip so Ava wouldn’t overheat. Afterwards, we were on the hunt for a dog friendly spot where we could grab drinks, and I ended up finding the perfect place.

The Tipsy Cow has a dog friendly patio that was perfect for summer time cocktails with your furry companion. Just look how much Ava approved of this spot.

Because it was so humid out, we weren’t hungry and ended up not ordering any lunch (which in hindsight was kind of a bummer because Tipsy Cow is famous for their burgers).

We grabbed a few delicious boozy lemonades and had a very relaxing time, while Ava slept on the shaded pavement.

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