weekly adventure: baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch!

weekly adventure: baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch!

With Autumn fast approaching, I’m eager to do all the typical Fall time activities. This week, I tried a recipe I found on Pinterest that required baking cookies from scratch, and boy did it deliver. There is literally no need for me to ever buy pre-made cookies again thanks to this recipe!

I was so excited to be attempting a recipe from scratch, it made me feel so capable of any baking adventures that await me.

Here they are, the first batch ready for baking!

Getting them all nice and cozy for the next ten minutes.

What really blew me away by this cookie recipe was how unbelievably fluffy these cookies turned out!

I believe I read that the more flour you add, the fuller the cookies will be. But don’t quote me, I’m not a professional baker.

Letting the second (or third) batch cool.

(Not so) surprisingly enough, someone else found the cookies to be just as delicious, but I wonder who?

I’m so excited for the upcoming season because it’s my absolute favorite! I’ve already bookmarked a few Fall themed recipes, and I can’t wait to try them out in the upcoming weeks!

See you guys in the next one,


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