Early Fall Interior House Decor

Early Fall Interior House Decor

Hello! Since it’s the first official day of Fall, I decided to post some pics of the fall decor I chose to decorate my living room with.

Starting out strong. I picked a small number of items from Target, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon to transition our living room into a super cozy space, capturing that Fall feeling.

I only chose very few decorations, so I could focus on 1. decorating on a budget and 2. decorate a lot with just a little. I did a couple videos, one a Fall Decor Haul, and one a Decorate with Me for Fall; I’ll link both of those below so you can watch/see everything in action. BUT I had to share all these pics of my living room because they’re so dreamy, and I’m obsessed with all of the orange hues for the season.

A simple centerpiece for the coffee table in our living room. We already had the coasters and the wooden candle before hand, but I got everything else to try and spruce up the living room ever so slightly.

On one of our side tables, I used similar decor pieces, but also really wanted to display a spooky book for this time of year. I thought it added a fun touch, and it’s been a conversation started when we’ve had people over.

On the mantle above our fireplace and below our TV, I added very simple decor. Just to make it seem more cozy and slightly whimsical. Twinkly lights are always a good idea, and I loved adding them to these little displays; it was exactly the type of aesthetic I was going for.

Kolani and I are very excited to decorate for Halloween this year, since we’re in a house and not in an apartment, we’re looking forward to trick or treaters. We’re excited for all the upcoming holidays really, because it’s our first fall & winter in the house. I can’t wait to decorate more and share more photos, decorating is so much fun to do and really gets you pumped for the season.

Below I am sharing the links to the two fall decor videos I mentioned earlier, in case you would like to see them. Thanks for stopping by!

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