We Painted the Living Room!

We Painted the Living Room!

Hello and welcome back! Ready for another house update?

We finally painted the last room in the house that needed to be painted and I’m so excited to finally have this done, it’s made all the difference and it’s so nice to have all the rooms looking nice and clean now.

This was the most time consuming room to paint, probably because it’s the largest room in the house. But it looks so good now! We’re so excited to have this done before all the upcoming holidays and decorations. The room looks so beautiful with the light gray against the brick fireplace, which is my favorite part of the room.

Our living room didn’t stay this way for long, though. Because a couple days after we painted it, I began decorating for Fall! I’ll share those photos in the next post so you guys can get some ideas of how to decorate simplistically and on a budget.

Thanks for stopping by!

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