Snacking at the Carrisa on Opening Day

Snacking at the Carrisa on Opening Day

Last week, Kolani and I were down in my hometown of San Luis Obispo as a late summer/early fall vacation. Ahead of our trip, I read about The Carrisa (formerly SLO Brew) and I thought if we had the opportunity, we should go in and try it. Unbeknownst to us, we happened to have wandered in on opening day! Here’s what we thought:

In the week that we were in San Luis, we went to the Carrisa three times. It instantly became a favorite for Kolani. The outdoor seating was a dreamy area that sat overlooking a creek. It was the perfect place to unwind and bask in the California sunshine.

Super dreamy, right? We were fortunate enough to experience the Carrisa during the afternoon, when all you could hear was birds chirping, people laughing, and dishes clanking. I would recommend going in the afternoon for an exceptionally tranquil environment. I would, however, avoid going at night, specifically on farmers market, but I’ll talk about that a little later.

If I’m at a restaurant and there are carne asada tacos available to order, it’s no question on what I’ll be ordering. I ordered two carne asada, and two pork and pineapple tacos. Kolani decided on the potstickers (which we ordered numerous helpings of each time we went, because they’re so good).

I’m drooling just looking at those tacos. Is it wrong to want to drive 16 hours just for this food? Asking for a friend.

Before I finish up this post and review, I wanted to go back to what I mentioned earlier about avoiding eating here on farmers market nights. Now, if you sit inside the restaurant, I’m sure you’ll be more than fine. Each time we dined here, we sat only outside because the weather was so beautiful. On farmers market night, (thursday), Kolani and I sat outside to enjoy the restaurant one last time before we drove back up to Washington. Unfortunately, there were some very suspicious and inappropriate people hanging down by the creek, and because the outdoor seating overlooks the creek, it ruined the ambiance for us, as well as a few other couples who requested to be re-seated inside.

It was a little disappointing. Not to be disappointed in the restaurant because that’s not really in their control, but disappointing to have that evening partially ruined for us because of the behavior down by the creek.

All in all, this place was fantastic. The service was great, the food was better, and we will definitely be going here again, next time we are in the area.

If you find yourself in SLO, check the Carrisa out. Here’s the website below:

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